Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years plans

1. Combine kids rooms
2. watch movies
3. Have date with hubby
4. or just have date with hubby and watch movies:)
5. Can someone please come over and combine the kids room move our bedroom and fluff up
a new family room???

Christmas recap

Christmas was wonderful, no pics because I was exhausted for some reason and could barely move., this happens quit often - if anyone would like to diagnose me put in comments:) Ive got to get a good camera and start getting better pics on here. Anywho Cade was estatic over all his gifts as was Abby this year! This was the first year she was into it now that she is 2, so sad to type that she is 2, i would prefer her to be a baby forever. Santa may have went a little overboard this year, lol. There stockings were so full there were goodies balancing on top! We are in the process of TRYING to combine their rooms so we can have a family room/playroom, yeah it all sounds great but there's not been alot of progress on this, again if you would like to help leave a message in comments:) We are looking forward to what the New Year brings for our family!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

If anyone out there is looking to buy me a over $300 mixer Ill take one of these please
just kidding - but isnt it beautiful.

It's almost here!!

It's almost time - Santa Claus is comming, yay!! I've been real good this year, lol! The kids are very excited well Cade is I think Abby is still figuring everything out. I started early this year so I'm done, just have to wrap em' up. I can't wait to see their tiny faces on Christmas morning!! By the way the pic below (from neineis diolouges) has got to be my dream tree! Look at this tree, there is flocking, there is a toadstool at the bottom there is a globe. I love it! I'm sure The hubby would disagree and say that it looks like something my mom and I would put up:) Yes it does!! pic from neinei

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Abby' Pink Princess Piggie Party!!!

Our littlest Pennington is 2, We can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday she was new to the world getting a tan under her jaundice lights - She was a Yella Fella just like Cade. How our world has changed with you! You are very independant, Bossy, Beautiful, Funny, A Cuddler, A Stink eye Giver, a Avid book reader/looker ater (you cant read, not that we know of anyways), a singer, a fit thrower, a kisser, a Great baby sister and daughter. We all love you so!

party pics taken with iphone, blah!! Hope to have better ones soon.

Monday, November 8, 2010

i'm here

I can't belive it's been so long since my last post. I am a avid blog reader/stalker and when i see my pics in here it just doesn't seem to measure up. I use my iphone for pics, thats the only way I know how to get pics on here, lol! I'm just not cool....

on to Abby....
Yesterday you bit,scratched and kicked me (good times) you are one heck of a fit thrower. 'll be honest I am a little scared of you at times and feel a preist may be in order;) I'm sure it's all a phase and you will be back to your sweet cuddely self in no time!

on to Cade....
Oh my emotional child, you are so sensitive currently which I'm sure too is a phase! On to a funny note your teacher told me that your class was singing the banna fanna name game and you were not happy about anyone doing this Cade Cade BoBade Bana Fana BoBade, Caaade. to your name. What a carachter you are.